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Social-TV & Second Screen

More and more people use a second screen while watching TV these days. LiveWall develops innovative concepts and apps in order to optimalize interaction, social media use and the deployment of branded content around tv programs.

Do you want to develop an exclusive tv-app or second-screen application? Challenge us. We are willing to help you create an innovative and thought out concept. Or look at some of our cases..

Second Screen

Television programs are provided more often with social concepts and applications such as apps and mobile pages. This phenomenom is named second screen. LiveWall develops mobile apps and mobile pages for your specific concept. On top of that, we offer you ready-made solutions for voting and live feedback.

Branded content

Branded content helps strengthening brand values, a higher brand awareness,a bigger brand preference and, unconsciously, a better image of the brand. By generating unique content inside the tv channel and by combining this with offline content, the brand is being characterized even more. Social media, second screen and a unique concept all have a high contribution on this.


When watching tv programs, the audience often uses social media to interact with each other and/or with the tv program. This offers numerous possibilities to increase branded awareness or a connection with the tv show. LiveWall has developed standard tools for a live view of all Facebook-, Twitter- and Instagram posts during tv shows. In addition to that, LiveWall creates specific concepts to increase social media use or to make programs completely interactive.

Data analysis

It is essential to gain more insight in consumers’ opinions and behaviour regarding the tv program and the brands appearing on screen. LiveWall collects social media users’ data and can offer insights for advertizers and tv channels. By means of data analysis, the effect of second screen apps can also be measured and analysed.

Unique concepts

LiveWall is not only concerned with technique and design, but is also willing to help you think of unique concepts. Looking for a unique and innovative concept or format? Challenge us some time!


LiveWall has a broad range of both national- and international customers, for whom we create social media applications. Below, you will find some examples of our cases:


For the live fundraising show of KWF, LiveWall developed an application which collected social media messages and intantly showed these both in the Social Room of KWF and on tv-screens at home.


PresentersWall is a ready-made second screen application. Via the mobile page, opinions of thousands of viewers can be measured in only seconds. Results are being shown real-time.


In collaboration with Endemol, LiveWall developed an ultimate game show. By means of a tablet app, interactive invites, the technique behind the end game and video content, a successfull game was realized.

Studio 100

The viewers of “Vlaanderen kookt Wild” (Flanders cooking wild) could send messages through social channels and ask questions to the host or the cook. The tweets about this show were selected and shown on screen. During the broadcast, the hashtag of the show was a trending topic in Belgium.

Het beste NL Elftal

RTL Television is the largest television broadcaster of Holland. They asked LiveWall to develop a online app that gives their audience the possibility to create their all-time favorite Dutch football team. Accompanied with the app, RTL launched a TV-commercial to get more people to use it.

Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden

Together with Dutch television broadcasting station RTL and the Dutch clothing store Wehkamp, LiveWall developed the GTST dressingroom. This Facebook application gave viewers of the populair Dutch soap opera the possibility to see, after uploading their profilepicture, how they would look dressed in the clothes of their favorite personality from the soap opera. A perfect case of television and Internet workting together.

Our customers


We are LiveWall; we create interaction around your brand, event or production. With a team of talented and innovative developers and creative marketeers, we supply social media solutions and concepts for production firms, brands and events all around the world.


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